Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT can change your attitudes towards things. Hopes, wants, and desires are all attitudes – as are fears, worries and phobias. Many psychological issues have their roots in inaccurate attitudes towards the self, others and the world. These attitudes can become deep seated habits that can cause great distress. CBT works by challenging negative beliefs and encouraging more realistic attitudes. More about CBT


Counselling offers a safe time and space in which to talk, air concerns and reflect. Prompting, in the form of gentle questions, can help people look at issues in new ways and identify options for change. A counsellor is trained to ask the most appropriate questions and provide a non-judgemental environment in which to share and grow. Personal counselling gives you a chance to explore your issues confidentially, starting from where you are in your life. More about Counselling


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to bring about therapeutic benefits and positive change. It is a natural state of relaxation which you allow yourself to enter. The sensation experienced during hypnosis is similar to that of daydreaming or meditation. Under hypnosis, the mind can release unwanted feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns. Hypnotherapy can help with many issues. Hypnotic techniques are rapid and effective tool for personal change. More about Hypnotherapy